How to Get a Bigger Penis

Knowing what women want in bed is actually only a small part of pleasing a woman. The web is full of sites by both men and women giving out their advice for pleasing women, but it is not always credible. From Cosmopolitan to Playboy, the world is overfilled with tips and tricks that make the simplest of of human interactions – sex – suddenly seem complicated.

Did you know (according to the Cosmo Survey about women and orgasms):

  • 57% of women have an orgasm during sex compared to 95% of men.
  • When women don’t orgasm with a partner, it because they are close but can’t get there (50%), they do not receive clitoral stimulation (38%), or they are too concerned about how they look (32%).
  • 67% of women have faked an orgasm.
  • 55% of women faked an orgasm because they were not even close or just to make their partner feel better.

Therefore, it is really not uncommon to constantly wonder what women are actually looking for in the bedroom. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Complete with “secret” (whispered with a wink) methods for driving women wild in bed, good advice really boils down to these three key points. Trust us, it will make all the difference in the world.

What Women Want in Bed
  1. Slow the Hell Down. Studies suggest that the average time it takes for men to climax is between 2-10 minutes while women take 10-20 minutes. See the issue? Excitement is secondary to anticipation. For most men, anticipation is removed when they realize that getting naked with a woman is imminent. While many women mature in their sexuality, men take a longer time to realize that what women want in bed is merely a slower pace. If you watch women enjoy everything from food to shoes, you can quickly see a pattern of leisurely pleasures. Only in fairy tales is it true that the fast hare wins the race. In bed, it is the turtle with his slow, easy pace that takes care of business.
  2. Be Fearless. Men are creatures of habit. Creativity seems to include a game of grab ass at over the dishwasher. Some planning goes a long way toward making the grade with a woman. It does not take a full on romantic dinner with flowers and a limo to get her in the mood. A quickie in a restaurant bathroom or a sexy text sent at an unexpected moment can get her motor running. Hence, it takes longer for a woman to climax than a man, but consider the options. You can start foreplay at any time before sex. Anticipation and creativity are key to fearlessly pursuing a woman.
  3. Hit the Clit. For women, the clit is a missing spot most men never find. If you need a graphic image of where the clit is located, it is easy to Google. Missing a woman’s clit is the equivalent of missing a man’s balls during a BJ. Many sexual positions miss the clit or hit the clit purely by accident and at random. Consider how frustrating it must be to hit the right spot every few times. Torture right? Good news – you can flick her clit with your tongue, finger, or a sex toy (yes…surprise her) to insight the sexual animal ready to spring.

In addition, people are born with the instinctive desire for sex. Pleasure, on the other hand, is another subject. Due to this, we want to ensure you that it is totally normal for most men to be Googling a question such as this one! We hope this advice was useful to you.

In conclusion, knowing what women want in bed and being willing and able to please her is not difficult when you have the right recipe for success. Follow the advice we’ve given you above, and you’ll really “wow” her the next time you’re both in the sack. If you