What is a Penis Extender

So, you might be asking yourself, what is a penis extender? This is a good question…

While searching for the best way to increase the size of your penis, you might have encountered options including many medical and non-medical solutions. Among the medical options, there are solutions that require a doctor’s care like pills and penile implant surgery. Most men dismiss these options because of the unwelcome side effects like heart attack, stroke, implant rejection, and post-surgery infection. These things are admittedly terrible — as there is the risk of permanent side effects that can easily sideline your sex life for a while.

The non-medical options are more diverse. There are basically four methods to increase the size of your penis without drugs or surgery. These methods include cock sleeves, penis pumps, penis extensions, and penis extenders. In fact, too many “sexperts” (sex experts) use the terms penis extension and penis extender interchangeably when nothing is further from the truth. A penis extension is a body-safe silicone slip-on that immediately increases the size of your dick in both width and length during sexual intercourse.  

The answer to what is a penis extender good for when it comes to increasing the size of your dick becomes simplified by understanding how it works. A penis extender is a stretcher that that attaches like a brace around your penis with a base that ends out the length of your penis and attaches right under the head. With rods fastening two sides or three sides of the base to the cradle under the head of the penis, the shaft of the penis is stretched longer and longer. Eventually, you will add small extensions to the rods, like adding a socket to a wrench, to increase the length of the penis.

Now if you are wondering how long you have to wear a penis extender to see results, then you are not alone. You should not expect the results to be quick or painless. In fact, many men have to wear a penis extender for six to nine months before seeing results. As well, the penis extender has to be worn continuously to see improvement in length. So, it could take a longer period of time than other penis enlargement solutions with a good deal of pain.  

Another good question is what are a penis extender’s side effects? Well, in reality, a penis extender can cause some real side effects like blood vessel ruptures in the skin, damage to the muscles, and injury to the plumbing. By plumbing, the implied meaning is that you might not be able to get or maintain an erection or might develop a blood clot that needs medical attention.

If the penis extender works to increase the length of your penis, then there is a very real possibility that you might lose girth, or thickness, in your penis. Like pulling taffy, the longer the string of taffy when pulled, the thinner the center becomes in the process. In fact, going with a penis extender to increase your penis size could cause the non-medical solution to require medical attention rather quickly.

Non-medical options for getting a bigger penis, such as our own Rhino Penis Extension, keep the side effects to little to none, and are a great way to spice up your sex life with your partner.

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So please, before trying out something that could be potentially damaging and require additional medical attention, give the Rhino Penis Extension a try. We bet you’ll love it!