What Can You Do to Make Your Penis Bigger?

You’re not alone when asking what can you do to make your penis bigger? Men all over the world spend countless hours searching the web for answers to this question different variations (it’s part of the reason we have so many blogs on the subject!). With the recent survey of over 15,000 men from Asia, Europe, and North America, the average erect penis length was 5.16 inches with an average circumference of 4.59 inches, as revealed by Kings College. For some men, that is also good news. If you are one of those men, then you can stop reading now!

Still reading? What went through your mind? Something like bigger is always better right? If so, then let’s examine what you can do to make your penis bigger. Although it is noted that “anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys” by Men’s Health magazine appropriately called Science Reveals Average Penis Size. If you are on the short end of the stick, so to speak, of this 2.3-inch gap, then you might be ready to make on some extra weight in the manhood department.

The answer to what can you do to make your penis bigger can be carefully broken down into several unique categories. The easiest way to consider the different ways to make your penis bigger is by distinguishing between medical and non-medical options. The medical options can vary in cost, effectiveness, and side effects. Choices included in this category of what you can do to make your penis bigger are pills and penial implants. Both of these selections come with a few major downsides like frequent visits to the doctor and heavy cost with less than stellar results. The biggest con for the medical decision is the side effects.

While pills can have adverse side effects like heart attack and stroke, implant surgery might seem like the better idea. In fact, nothing is further from the truth as implants can cost thousands of dollars and inflict a painful recovery time from surgery with the risk of infection even if the implant is not rejected (yes – that can happen!).

On the other hand, the non-medical options are just as varied. These options are further broken down into physical enhancements and lifestyle methods. Of the physical enhancements, what you can do to make your penis bigger means using things like penis pumps and penis extenders. Penis pumps suction blood to the penis, making it bigger for a temporary amount of time. Whereas penis extenders stretch the penis through gently increasing the tension or rods as the penis stretches over several months, the effects can last longer. However, the negative side effects can be a bit more extreme as well.

Many men decide to avoid all of the side effects and medical issues by going lifestyle routes like penis extensions and cock sleeves. Quality slip-on penis extensions made from body safe silicone gives you extra size when needed and adheres using a vacuum-seal — meaning it is without the use of buckles, belts, or straps. Cock sleeves are made of cyber-skin and anchor to your manhood using a ball strap – oh yeah, it straps around your balls – which can chafe and cause blisters with vigorous sexual activity.

Either way, these are the choices you have in answering the question, “what can you do to make your penis bigger”. For more information on penis extensions and how using one can dramatically improve you and your partner’s sex life, click here.