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Are you wondering how to use the Rhino Penis Extension? Well then, you’re gonna want to keep reading!

Firs off, the Journal for Sexual Medicine reports the average erect penis is 5.1 inches long. Average is OK for some, but don’t most of us want to be above average? And let’s face it … there are two ways to measure a cock. Length and Girth. Guys want the length and women want the girth. Good news! The Rhino Penis extensions deliver both.

Here’s the best part: there aren’t any buckles, straps, cages or cumbersome ball locks to hold The Rhino in place! Simply slide it on with the no slip grip and you’re ready to rock her world with 8 inches of pure pleasure. There’s no need to worry about The Rhino falling off either! The no slip grip creates a vacuum seal around your cock that prevents The Rhino from coming loose during intercourse. If needed, you can even customize The Rhino to a size that is a bit more manageable for you both.

Your cock smooths out and the ridges around the head flatten as you move in and out. The Rhino’s shape comes pre-designed to simulate this transformation of a penis once it’s inside your partner. That’s why it does’t look like a cock. It just functions as a better version of what you’re already packing.

Made of medical grade silicone, the Rhino Penis Extension is supple enough to feel like the real thing, yet strong enough to deliver maximum sensation to both of you. The orgasmic coil interior strokes your cock as you move from entry to driving thrusts.

Features of the Rhino Penis Extension
  • Body safe
  • 100% medical grade silicone
  • 8″ of Pure Pleasure
  • Wearer feels stroking sensations
  • Customizable sizing for perfect fit
  • Stays in place – no slip grip
  • Special “G-Spot” Design
  • No Special Powders or Cleaners Needed

So, are you ready to get started? You can use this page to find the perfect Rhino for you. Otherwise, check out more videos below that further demonstrate how to use the Rhino Penis Extension for enhancing both you and your partner’s sex lives! We think you’ll be pleased with the results after giving the Rhino a try. 😉

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