Using a Penis Extension

A penis extension, often confused with a cock sleeve or penis extender, is perhaps the most used sex toy used by men to increase penis length and size. While that might sound confusing, there is a great difference between using a penis extension, cock sleeve, and penis extender. For most men, who range between ” around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys,” as noted in a Men’s Health magazine article called Science Reveals Average Penis Size, the long and the short of penis size is over 2.3 inches.

To move from the low end of 4 inches erect to the high end of 6.3 inches, thousands of men a month decide that a penis extension is the best way to gain both penis width and length. In fact, penis extensions are a great lifestyle choice to improve sexual performance and confidence.  

Lifestyle choices include, broadly, anything that can be easily slipped on and off pre-sexual intercourse to add size to the penis. Sometimes sold as a sex toy, many men actually take the use of a penis extension quite seriously. While there are no common side effects to penis extensions as compared to many medical treatments like penile implants, penis extenders, or pills, lifestyle choices add to your sex life in the following ways:

  • Body Safe Silicone. For anything used during sex, materials used to make the sex toy or penis extension is very important. Non-body safe silicone products can cause rashes from contact. Moreover, if a penis extension is made of porous materials, then body fluids can cause it to biodegrade and breakdown from friction – as well as cause issues with proper cleaning and storage.
  • Flexible Fun.  Another advantage of body safe silicone is that it becomes flexible and pliable with the warmth of friction – like real skin. From the inside out, using a penis extension can be a close replication of your penis with extra length and width for added confidence for performance during sex.
  • Vacuum Strength.  Most non-permanent methods for increasing the size of your penis need a way to stay in place. Many cock sleeves anchor in place with the use of a ball strap that can cause blisters or chafing from the rubbing during sex. A penis extension vacuum seals into place without the need for belts, buckles, or straps to take away from the experience.
  • Pleasure Rings.  Many men hesitate about using a cock sleeve or penis extension because they don’t want to lose the sensation of sex. However, what they don’t know is a penis extension that has pleasure rings on the inside massages the penis when thrusting to simulate sexual activity. The massaging combined with the vacuum seal gives additional motion and sensation.

Using a penis extension for better sex gives you all of the benefits without any of the side effects or problems of trying to alter your physical penis size. As well, quality penis extensions create long lasting pleasure enhancement for both partners to put extra spark into your sexual relationship.