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The Perfect Pair - Dragon + VRHUB

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Quick Start Fun – 125 Fantasy Experiences!

When you want to just get after it. The Traz Dragon was built for the man who needs it now, but likes variety. Enter from either end and get ready for an ultra real sensation as you move in and out. Want to change the feel and create a new fantasy?  Just rearrange the order of the Pleasure Rings and stroke that thing. Create 125 fantasy experiences with this masturbation masterpiece. 

  • Your Dragon includes 5 individual Pleasure Rings housed in the Fantasy Silo
  • Each ring’s canal has a different textured design
  • “Just Right” or “Super Tight” fit – your choice
  • Exclusive Hydra7® formula provides ultra real feel
  • Patented design creates over 125 fantasy experience options
  • Body-safe and durable – 100% medical grade silicone
  • Use over and over – cleanup is easy
  • Always made in the heart of the USA


What You’ll Get

  • Translucent Fantasy Silo
  • 5 Pleasure Rings – Each with a unique interior canal
    • Pleasure in Pleasure
    • Give and Go
    • 10 and 1
    • Stacked Desire
    • Full Throttle
  • Over 125 possible combinations of very real sensations
  • Instruction book with use and care instructions, with Quick Start Guide

What You’ll Experience

Remember as a kid how you could create almost anything imaginable with interchangeable linking plastic blocks? You were free to create your very own masterpiece. Imagine doing the same when it comes to male self-pleasure. The Traz Dragon puts freedom in your hands with 5 pleasure rings you can stack in any order. Experience vaginal, oral and anal sensation all with one Dragon. You’re only limited by your imagination. Change the order of the rings and discover combinations you like best and create your own stable of orgasmic moments. And the Dragon orifices lock into position with a simple twist.


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