Slip On Penis Extension

In this article, we seek to explain the many benefits a slip on penis extension provides for couples looking to spice up their sex lives, and for men looking to get that extra boost of confidence in bed with their partner.

When many men start to look at options for increasing penis size, they come up with tons of options that come the good, bad, and ugly of choices. It can be confusing and slightly scary. After all, some of the options for increasing penis size include completely out of bounds (we hope!) things like hanging weights from your penis to stretch your length. To be clear, dangerous procedures like this can permanently side line your sex life and damage your manhood forever.

To be real, there are medical procedures that have hazardous health-related issues. Prescriptions can cause serious medical issues like heart attack and stroke. As if those consequences were not enough, penial implant surgery might seem like a safer option because it is performed in a hospital by a doctor. In truth, there are risks of infection with any surgery and rejection of implant.

So, what is the answer?  

The best way to increase your size without permanent physical alteration is a slip on penis extension. A penis extension instantly boosts your length and width. Outside of the obvious benefits of penis extensions like natural appearance and performance enhancement of a bigger size, there are other advantages such as:

  • Use as Needed.  A slip on penis extension gives you the freedom to decide when you want to have sex. After all, unless you are going to go around waving your penis at people to impress them (and possibly risk a visit from the police), there is only one reason to have a larger dick – sex – so why go through all of the pain and effort of a lasting change?
  • Without Side Effects.  The use of a slip n penis extension does not have the usual side effects or problems. Some other lifestyle options can increase size in length and width, but there are slight differences. For example, a cock sleeve needs a ball strap or buckle with belts to stay in place causing chafing with blisters. Enhancers like penis pumps can cause ruptured blood vessels and swelling from the suction of blood to the penis.
  • Enhanced Pleasure.  With pleasure enhancers for both partners, slip on penis extensions have pleasure rings on the inside and orgasmic ridges on the outside to give extra sensations during sex. The increase of girth can give women a fullness of stretching to accommodate the increase in size and the orgasmic ridges give additional flexibility.  

Just as all penis enlargers are not the same, lifestyle choices are not the same. Penis extenders, for example, require at least six months of wear and consistent addition of longer rods to stretch the penis. As well, in some cases, men experience the taffy effect where the penis gets longer and thinner with the pulling effect.

The benefits of a slip on penis extension are by far superior to all other choices of penis enlargement. While there are other choices that cost thousands of dollars and many hours of pain, the best non-medical choice is by far a penis extension.

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