Rhino Stampede

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Sex Positive Educator Kara Sutra explains the benefits of The Rhino Stampede.

Rhino Stampede: The Baddest Rhino of All

Dominate every sexual experience and provide complete satisfaction for your partner or lover. The Rhino Stampede, all 8″ x 2″,  is the rugged textured bad boy that always puts you out and in front of thundering, unbridled action.

Penetrate with Authority

Not for the shy, The Rhino Stampede’s head has a little extra girth, making it the perfect match for dominant tops and those who want to reach the peak of stimulation. And, the micro-dimpled exterior creates ideal pockets for extra lube. You’ll both love every inch of The Rhino Stampede.

Take Control and Lead the Herd

Every sensation is heightened with the strategically placed “Pleasure Rings” inside The Rhino Stampede Penis Extension. And, The “No Slip Grip” gives you the confidence to drive as hard as you like. No interruption. Just great, raw stampeding sex that will keep both of you shouting out and coming back for more.

Vanilla Rhino Stampede

Vanilla Stampede

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Chocolate Rhino Stampede

Chocolate Stampede

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Cinnamon Rhino Stampede

Cinnamon Stampede

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Purple Rhino Stampede

Purple Stampede

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Rhino Stampede Combo Pack

Combo Pack

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Dragon Stroker

Satisfaction Pack

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