Rhino Sleek

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Sex Positive Educator Kara Sutra explains the benefits of The Rhino Sleek.

The Rhino Sleek is Streamlined for Action

When your partner wants to take it all, but has a tighter space, The Rhino Sleek is the perfect solution … a slimmer version of its bigger cousin, The Genesis. Designed for those where length is more important than girth.

Touching Just the Right Spots

The Sleek’s outer dimension adds just enough girth to let you get in all the way and hit those spots that will drive your partner to ask for more. Its 8” x 1 ½” of pure pleasure is just waiting for you slide it over and on to your penis.

Both of You Feel Every Stroke

The Rhino Sleek Penis Extension gives you all the control – and The “No Slip Grip” ensures uninterrupted action. The Seduction Groove interior texture gently hugs your penis, allowing you to feel each and every stroke … “Motion Transfer Technology” creates it – you deliver total satisfaction. Take all that’s yours with The Rhino Sleek.

Rhino Sleek Vanilla

Vanilla Sleek

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Rhino Sleek Cinnamon

Cinnamon Sleek

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Rhino Sleek Chocolate

Chocolate Sleek

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Rhino Sleek Combo Pack

Combo Pack

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Dragon Stroker

Satisfaction Pack

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