Rhino Essence

Size Matters

Unleash Your Inner Beast!

“Wife was scared at first but handled it like a champ, has become our favorite toy.”

It’s no secret why we chose the mighty, powerful Rhino as the name and symbol for our revolutionary penis extender. You see, the Rhino is not only the most powerful beast in the jungle, but for centuries, the Rhino horn has been revered as a potent aphrodisiac and a sign of virility. Add all those together and that’s the inspiration behind The Rhino; THE BEST penis enlargement solution ever created.

The Rhino Is Easy To Use!

Penis enlargement has never been easier. The Rhino makes that possible with its advanced design and superior quality.

The Rhino’s Vented Tip sets it apart from lesser, inferior penis enhancement products. The tip allows for air to be displaced for ease of insertion. If you’ve ever attempted to use another penis extender you understand the convenience of this feature. As you insert your penis into The Rhino, the excess air is forced out creating a vacuum to ensure your Rhino does not slip off. This No Slip Grip Tip guarantees you will not vacate your Rhino penis extender until you are ready to remove it. This puts an end to adjusting your penis extender during sexual activity … a problem commonly encountered during intercourse with inferior penis extensions. There is no need for bothersome buckles like those of a strap on other products that take away from your most intimate moments. The Rhino is the only penis extender that works well enough to use discretely. Great for making that first impression.

Size Matters

Size matters, that’s all there is to it. Women have always known the fact that a larger penis makes a difference. But, do you know the “way” size matters to a woman?

The “Does Size Matter Project” researched the size of a man’s penis in relationship to a woman’s amount of pleasure during sex. They came to a hands-down conclusion that size (penis enlargement) does matter. The Project put men into three categories:

  • Beta males – measuring less than 5 inches
  • Gamma males- measuring between 5 – 8 inches
  • Alpha males – measuring 9 inches or more

Here’s the interesting results- 95% of the women in the study preferred the Gamma male with an 8 inch long penis. Armed with this information, the team at TRAZ designed The Rhino to meet the wishes of women everywhere.

Here’s why The Rhino, all 8 inches of the best penis enlargement solution, works so well. It’s because of the vagina’s amazing ability to change size as it becomes aroused, just like a penis. The vagina opens and stretches to a maximum length of 8 inches. Anything longer than this was more painful than pleasurable.

“She found that laying completely flat on her back gave her vaginal room to accept this beast and began cumming all over the place.”

The study also found the key to vaginal orgasm. In their studies, women attributed orgasm to the shaft of the long penis generating friction on the G-spot with rhythmic strokes. A penis under 6 inches, on average, could not stay in contact with the G-spot during intercourse. Leaving the G-spot without constant stimulation resulted in lack of female orgasm. The project’s study proved that a penis measuring between 7 1/2 to 8 1/2 inches was ideal for providing G-spot stimulation, resulting in a vaginal orgasm. They found that width also plays an important role in vaginal orgasm. The walls of the vagina are lined with nerve ends. Their studies show that when the Gamma male’s width stretches the vagina, the nerve ends flatten out. This creates more surface exposing those sensitive nerves. The final conclusion: A short penis creates a shortage of vaginal orgasms.

The Rhino delivers in length and width. As a penis enlargement solution, The Rhino has no rival.

Penis Extender Comparisons

You’ve taken the pills and worn the harnesses. You’ve spent your money in an attempt to get a bigger penis.

Maybe, you’ve spent months with a penis extender strapped to your leg with the hope that penis enlargement is possible. Maybe you are just beginning the search for a way to increase your length and width without losing the sensations you enjoy. We hear you and that’s why we’ve made it easy to compare The Rhino against the other so called male enhancement devices out there.

We want to see that look of satisfaction on our partner’s face at the end of the greatest sexual experience of her life. That is why The Rhino was created … for guys and gals just like all of us. The Rhino is the only product on the market that provides a solution. The facts speak for themselves. Put the Rhino penis enlargement solution up against any other male enhancement device available and experience what Motion Transfer Technology has to offer. This penis extender review will help you understand the options available.

Comparison Chart

The Rhino by TRAZ

“The best thing is we can live out are most erotic fantasies.”

The Rhino is THE ultimate sexual experience. Increase your size and feel everything. The penis extender provides increased sexual sensations for both partners. So easy to use with its vented tip , you can be ready instantly. Enjoy every stroke as the pleasure rings massage your penis like never before. The No Slip Grip Tip makes sure you never have to adjust The Rhino once it is in place. When you’re done just release the pressure and it slides right off. No need to rush it to the sink for clean up. The Rhino does not degrade like Cyberskin. The Rhino’s sizing core allows you to size it for any length penis. The Exaggerated Stroke along with the Motion Transfer Technology system creates incredible sexual bliss. Both of you will love your new, larger penis.

Cyberskin Extrensions

This extension will increase your length and is very easy to put on. The Cyberskin penis extension is very life-like and slides on like a condom. Unfortunately, the thin walls do not stabilize the extension’s tip. You will find yourself holding this penis extender with your hand, attempting to keep it straight. Who enjoys stopping to adjust a penis extender during sex? Imagine the look on your lover’s face, when in the middle of sex you say, “Hold on baby, I have to straighten out my bent penis extension.” And, after you finish with this or any Cyberskin product you must immediately wash it, coat it with a protective powder, then store it away. Failure to do so will result in a melted mass of rubber. Who has the money purchase a new penis extender after each use?


This extension will increase your length. And that’s where the features stop. The VIXEN Ride On has a hard outer shell that completely numbs any sensation of sexual intercourse. It is held in place by a rubber ring that you must first pass your testicles through (ouch!), then insert your penis into its 4″ hollow core. Yes, that’s right, a 4″ hollow core. The support ring used to hold the VIXEN in place during intercourse is often too small to comfortably slip your testicles through (again .. ouch!). The 4″ hollow core makes it impossible to wear this extension if your penis is over 4″ long. The outer shell of the VIXEN is hard and allows for no sensation during sex. In the VIXEN’s press release they phrase it, “Forget all you know about having sex. You will not feel any sensation while using this product.” Those are their own words!!!

SIZE Genetics

The ultimate male enhancement if you have 8 to 12 months to spare. Strap on their harness and slowly rip and regrow tissue. Urologists suggest this will lead to impotence at an early age. Not to mention pain and discomfort during suggested use.