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SexPert  Reviews

“The Rhino Genesis quite frankly fucking rocks.”
Mr Wills House of Thrills

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“The Rhino is the very best penis extension I have ever come across.”
Kara Sutra

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“The Rhinos are wonderful because they stay on during use and double as a masturbator!”
A Roll In The Hay

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“… Enter The Rhino, a kick-ass 4-in-1 penis sleeve.”
YouTube Review from Kara Sutra

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Customer Reviews

“The sensations I felt were incredible! I would recommend this product again and again.”
Dave – Colorado Springs, CO

“I am so happy someone finally came up with a product that really works. I was so tired of buying junk.”
Chris – Herman, MO

“I love the contours, they really hit the right spot.”
Lindsey – Des Moines, IA

“My wife gives me a look every time I walk past her. I had no idea a larger tool would get this kind of response.”
Marcus – Salt Lake City, UT

“Pleasure rings….Pleasure rings….Pleasure rings… That says it all.”
Charles – Detroit, MI

“I never thought sex could be this good!”
Jennifer – Tallahassee, FL

“I have used just about everything on the market. This product blows them away hands down.”
Jerry – Madison, IN

“Me and my wife make love more than when we first met. Thanks TRAZ.”
Louis – Little Rock, AK

“It’s the perfect size for me.”
Katie – New Orleans, LA

“It is so easy to use. I don’t even tell half the women I sleep with I use it.”
Richard – Cape Girardeau, MO.

“I always knew I was a better lover than my size would allow. Thank you for helping me unlock my true potential.”
Sean – Milton, KY

“Five Stars! We have 2. We ordered the Stampede and then ordered the Sleek a few weeks later … it’s good to have choices.”
Susan– Ft. Collins, CO