Pleasure Rings & Orifices

Command Your Experience

Pleasure Rings Put You In Control

The Dragon’s five individual Pleasure Rings are housed in a “Fantasy Silo.”

Unlike standard sleeves, the rings’ “wagon wheel design” gives way as you move in – providing the true sensation of a real life partner. Get lost in each fantasy. Hyda7 silicone feels so real you will not be able to tell the difference in the dark.

Each ring’s canal is unique – offering a distinct textured design.Some gently tug at you as you move through … while others create a back suction with varied orgasmic nubs that hit that right spot.These five rings can be rearranged in seconds to create a whole new experience.


Pleasure in Pleasure (Blue)

8 rings – 4 tight and 4 lose – alternately stacked to provide the real vagina wall sensation.

Give and Go – (Orange)

4 perfectly placed, independent free floating fingers that twist and wrap around your shaft with each stroke.

Ten and One – (Yellow)

Dual ribs on both sides of a narrow shaft. It’s as if you’re being licked as you move into the tight center. 2 sensations in one ring.

Stacked Desire – (Green)

You’ll glide over three varied size softly ribbed openings as you move in and out that both pull and tug for a feeling like no other.

Full Throttle – (Red)

The suction cavity grips your cock and provides the drag and sensation only found in a real partner.


Vagina Orifice

You’ll love sliding into these tight inner walls stacked with 16 cock gripping ribs.


Butt Orifice

4 Raised flaps with convex channels designed to clinch your member … just like the real deal.


Mouth Orifice

Incredible sensation of 12 tiny tongues circling your shaft … you’ll swear they’re licking you with each stroke.