A Perfect Fit

Every Rhino is a perfect fit because it’s a custom fit.

It begins with the Custom Sizing Core which allows you to fit The Rhino to your penis. Easily trimmed with a pair of scissors, the Custom Sizing Core fills the space between where you penis ends and The Rhino’s head.

Choose The Rhino that matches your desires. Quickly compare the benefits and features of all of our Rhinos … you may want several so that you’re ready to rock whatever the mood … wide and strong … streamlined and smooth … textured in and out. You’re in control.

Rhino Genesis

Rhino Stampede

Rhino Sleek

Custom Sizing Core
Adjustable Length
No Slip Grip
Increased Stamina
8 Inches Long
2 Inch Diameter
2 Inches Diameter
1.5 Inches Diameter
Smooth Outer Texture
Micro-Dimpled Outer Texture
Seduction Groove Interior
Pleasure Ring Interior
Optional Wicked Wave Interior

You always have the option to Design Your Own Rhino

Get exactly the Rhino you want and need with our Design Your Own Rhino tool.

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