How Will a Penis Sleeve Help My Sex Life?

Before even considering a penis sleeve, the first question most men ask is what is the average penis length? Once they find out that the average penis length is 5.16 inches, as noted in a 2015 Kings College study of over 15,000 men from Asia, Europe, and North America, they immediately start looking for ways to increase the size of their penis length.

Realistically – the answer to how a penis sleeve help your sex life is easy, but not found in penis length. The answer to increasing sexual satisfaction and help for your sex life is circumference. Yes, that’s right! The thickness of your dick is really where sexual pleasure for both partners comes into play.

Now, this might double the trouble for men asking about penis size because now you have to worry about length as well as width. Not really – most women will tell you that thickness makes the difference in sexual satisfaction instead of length.

Why? Because women can only handle so much length without discomfort. Like shoving your foot into a shoe that is too small, women experience discomfort instead of pleasure when their partner’s dick is too long. On the other hand, most women can stretch to allow for extra girth with an increase in pleasure. According to the Kings College London survey, the average circumference of an erect penis is 4.59 inches.

If your manhood is thin in the thickness department, then there is good news. A penis sleeve can help save your sex life. A quality penis extension/sleeve has the following benefits for your sex life:

  • Connection. Penis sleeves have a major benefit of attachment. Without belts and buckles, penis sleeves adhere through suction to provide extra pleasure to both partners.
  • Body Safe. Many penis sleeves are made out of rubber, latex, or silicone; however, being made of “body safe” silicone is important in construction as well as the use to avoid absorption of body fluids (important during sex), rash reactions due to contact, and breakdown due to friction.
  • Human Interaction. Body-safe silicone warms and confirms to shape of the human body. As the cyber-skin silicone gets warmer with sex, it becomes pliable to imitate human skin to enhance pleasure.
  • Lifestyle. Many permanent solutions like implant surgery and enhancement drugs have strong side effects that range from heart attack to stroke. Penis sleeves allow you to slip on your penis enhancement when needed without adverse side effects or dangerous outcomes.
  • Right Fit. Obviously, cocks come in different sizes and shapes right? Would you buy a pair of shoes without trying them on? No…a good penis sleeve should be customizable to allow you to get the right size. Penis sleeves can be customized with a pair of scissors by cutting off the excess to make the fit secure and manageable.

A penis sleeve can increase both length and width without permanent side effects or the need to visit a doctor. Deciding to use a penis extension can help your sex life thrive with more drive.