Penis Extension Toys

Many men balk at the idea of using a sex toy, such as penis extension toys, to increase their penis size. Some men do not like the idea of using a substitute penis to please their partner. Other men feel like they will look smaller in size when compared to a penis extension. And still other men feel that their female counterpart may not like using one — though we’ve already shown that to be wildly untrue.

In reality, not using a penis extension to increase the length and width of your penis is comparable to not using crutches for a broken leg. Penis extension toys can help you gain the width and length you need for better sexual performance; moreover, it can also give you the confidence you need to be more virile in the bedroom.  

  • Skin in the Game.  The specially designed body-safe silicone “skin” is made to become flexible as the material warms with friction or body heat. As such, penis extensions are able to behave like a real penis without any of the stiffness of past models. Once applied to the penis, the body-safe silicone helps both partners to have a realistic sexual experience without hard plastics or necessity for harsh cleaning afterwards.
  • Get Your Head in It.  Because of the changes in the fullness of the penis from base to head, quality penis extensions are made to fit snuggly in all areas of your dick. The most painful thing might be to have the head of your dick ramming against the end of the penis extension during vigorous sexual activity. Like cramming your toes into shoes that are too small, it will bring a quick end to your night of passion, so be sure when you customize your penis extension toy to your size that you leave room to thrust without discomfort.
  • Seal the Deal.  Even the most progressive cock sleeve uses a ball strap to anchor the sleeve in place. Many cock sleeves require uncomfortable and embarrassing BDSM style belts and buckles. If you are on the kinky side, this might work into your roll playing perfectly. If you are going for the natural look, however, properly designed penis extension toys do not have any visible ways to stay locked in place. But they employ an advanced vacuum seal … your penis is bigger and thicker instantly and the penis extension stays in place.
  • From the Inside Out.  The best penis extension sex toys have pleasure rings on the inside that massage your dick while thrusting and orgasmic ridge on the outside to give your partners private places some extra tender loving care. Build to be pleasurable for both partners, the extra length gives your confidence and performance a boost while adding extra girth to give your partner increased satisfaction of fulfillment.

In truth, penis extension toys can add benefit to all of your sexual relationships and experience if you can get over the hang up actually using an enhancer to increase the size of your dick. After all, you can try the painful way of using weights or rods to stretch your dick to a longer member, but a penis extension is the only safe, secure way to gain both length and width when you need it – between the sheets.