Penis Extension Sleeve

In this post, we discuss the benefits that using a penis extension sleeve can provide for your sexual lifestyle. You can find more information about the Rhino Penis Extension by Traz here.

When men start looking for ways to increase their penis size, they find everything on Google from doctors professing the benefits of pills and penis implant surgeries to crazy ideas about hanging weights from your dick. Somewhere in the middle of this internet buzz of testimonials and advice, there is a lost discussion about safety and effectiveness of these procedures because they are not FDA regulated or certified by any medical board. In a throwback to the days of voodoo, any idiot with a webpage, Photoshop, and a ruler can claim results for increasing penis size without having any proof at all.

It is important to consider the benefits of lifestyle choices as compared to medical options. It is easy to think that doctors must know what they are talking about right? But, in truth, there are severe consequences to medical procedures that range from heart attack, stroke, infection (yes…infection in your dick) to implant rejection. Sound like fun? Probably not…and it will probably impact your sex life and your health drastically.

Ready for a less painful and more effective way to increase the size of your dick? Ready to find out how you can increase the size of your penis without prescriptions or the need to go through unnecessary pain?

These selections are called lifestyle choices because they easily fit into your sex life to add the extra girth and width needed without side effects. After all, you have dishes in your kitchen because that is where you will need them when it is time to eat right? A penis extension sleeve, otherwise serves much the same purpose – it slips on to easily add penis size without the need for permanent increase that lasts forever. The purpose of a penis extension sleeve is to give you inches when you need it – during sex.

A quality penis extension sleeve has many advantages besides the growth in width and length. Made with body-safe silicone, a penis extension sleeve does not need belts, buckles, or straps to stay in place. While other products like cock sleeves anchor in place using a ball strap, a quality penis extension has a vacuum suction that holds strong even during vigorous sexual activity. The body safe silicone warms with friction to react like real skin to become pliable and flexible to the touch. Moreover, with internal pleasure rings to massage and masturbate the penis during intercourse, a penis extension sleeve provides extra size and additional pleasure for both partners. Better yet, a quality penis extension is customizable to allow you to create the right length for your current size, so your new tool is useful instead of unwieldy.

While women report feeling more fulfilled during sex from the extra thickness and enjoy the orgasmic rings of a penis extension sleeve, men get a boost in confidence from their bigger size and the reaction of their partner. Either way, lifestyle choices as a way to improve your size gives you all the control without any of the pain. You get to decide when the “time is right,” without taking drugs, having surgery, or embarrassing trips to see the doctor.