Penis Extender

A penis extender — also known as a penis extension — is the go-to answer for men seeking to increase the size of their penis. Here’s why:

The average length in a recent study from Kings College on the average penis size studied over 15,000 men from Europe, North America, and Asia to find that 5.1 inches as the average penis length.

Surprised? Relieved? Perhaps not…because most men do not want to be average in the dick department.

While many men feel inadequate in the manhood department, a penis extender has many advantages with few disadvantages.

Penis Extender and Penis Extension Pros and Cons

The obvious advantage is that a man can increase his length and girth without the side effects of pharmaceuticals and pills. While it is easier talk a doctor into a prescription and to pop a pill “when the time is right,” for many men, this is not an adequate choice. Especially because pills can have harmful side effects such as elevated blood pressure, heart issues, and even stroke. Repeated use of pills can interact with other lifestyle choices like alcohol consumption or health based medications. Nope, not good news!

Some men decide to try penis pumps before trying an extender. While penis pumps use suction to draw blood to the penis, there are some side effects to this temporary solution to increasing penis size. Some of the side effects include chafing and irritation, while over-pumping or frequent pumping can result in ruptured blood vessels. Pumps provide a less obtrusive option promoting brief expansion in both length and width. However, stopping to pump could be a mood killer.

The third choice is a penial implant. Most men decline this option in favor of prescriptions or pumps due to the excessive pain and recovery time. If you cringe at the option of having a scalpel anywhere near your manhood, then this isn’t for you. With the thousands of nerve endings and blood vessels pulsing through an erect penis, risks such as expense, down time, and painful healing, far outweigh the benefits.

Benefits of Penis Extenders and Penis Extensions

So – you might be asking yourself about the benefits of a penis extender. Well, they come in many different sizes and shapes. With a variety of models, it is easy to fit to your current size and your lifestyle. Other penis solutions require you to make a long-term commitment and alter your sex life to fit the requirements. Take a pill before sex. Pump before sex. Have surgery on your penis? Uhhh… no, no, and no.

The choice of a quality penis extender should be decided upon very carefully. The best extenders are without restricting straps and buckles, and enhance performance and comfort while increasing both length and girth. With body grade silicone and vacuum sealing for tighter fit, penis extensions allow for greater freedom of use because you slip it on as needed. There are no side effects, extensive costs, or advanced planning needed to get better sexual performance.

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