Penis Enlarger

Wondering how a penis enlarger can make a difference in your sex life? Then you are in the right place!

Before considering a penis extension or enlarger of any kind, many men live their lives thinking that their penis does not measure up in the manhood department because, as teens, they went through the locker room ritual of comparing their size to their friends (there might have been a ruler involved – just saying!). Of course, it is a mistake to put your manhood up against others at that age because growth happens at different stages, but you are probably shaking your head as you remember the experience.

An even bigger mistake, most men have felt inadequately equipped after watching a well-hung guy in porn bang some woman who seems to be paid by the number of times she looks at the camera and mutters something smutty about the size of his cock. From Neverland to total make believe, these experiences send men running for an internet connection to find out what the average penis size is and how they can make their dick bigger.

Well, if you came here to find out the average penis size, then you are in luck. A current study by Kings College London of over 15,000 men states that the average penis length is 5.16 inches erect with an average girth of 4.59 inches. Wow…that is a lot of dicks to measure! All in the name of medical science.

To answer the second part of your question, in case you fall into the less than average category, a penis enlarger can make a big difference in your sex life – for both you and your partner. An enlarger has the benefit of being a lifestyle sexual choice. This means that it does not have nasty side effects like drugs and can be used when the sex train is coming down the tracks at full speed.

While penis extensions, by nature, can increase your length to 8 inches, you might want to step back and consider what that means. Its sounds great – but you have the responsibility to use your power for good. If your dick is about 3 inches, then an increase that more than doubles your size might be a very uncomfortable fit on your erect dick.

Good news – quality penis extensions allow you to customize for the perfect fit. The most recent innovations in penis extenders now include internal pleasure rings that massage your dick with each stroke as well as a vacuum seal that rivals the best blowjob.

As well, an enlarger can add girth to your size – which is what really makes the ladies smile. Adding to the fullness of your cock gives your partner the added pleasure of stretch to accommodate your size with the benefit of stroking the g-spot for the ultimate orgasm.

With the extra boost of confidence and extra girth that a penis enlarger can give you, it could easily be a win-win for both parties that leads to more sex, more frequently.