Natural Ways to Get a Bigger Penis

Are you thinking about natural ways to get a bigger penis without surgery? If so, you are not alone. At the mere thought of a scalpel getting close to their package, men everywhere throw on the brakes to stop the talk. Even if you are not concerned about penis implant surgery, there is the possibility of implant rejection or infection – neither of which you want for your dick.  

Talk about a major murder for your sex life!

You can easily increase the size of your dick without physical changes to your body, excessive expense, embarrassing doctors’ visits, or painful treatments.

If you are seeking natural ways to get a bigger penis without surgery, then here are a few tips that will help:

  • Penis Extensions.  Finding the right penis extension is a pretty big deal because you want a larger penis without problems like product breakdown or rashes from non-body safe materials, blisters from improper sizing, discomfort from straps, or finding out that you went too big because your eyes were bigger than your…well, anyway. You want a penis extension that fits your lifestyle, sexual activity level, and partner’s ability to accommodate a new size.
  • Cock Sleeves.  Cock sleeves are another lifestyle choice that allow you to increase your size when you need it most – during sex! Cock sleeves are usually made of cyber skin, but the important thing to note about a cock sleeve is to make sure that the strap is snug without being tight. Because a cock sleeve uses a ball strap as an anchor, vigorous sexual activity can cause the strap to rub or irritate a raw spot in the groin area.
  • Penis Pumps.  Penis pumps increase girth by suctioning blood into your dick. Although it can be a pleasurable experience, penis pumps require a moderate amount of pumping to get bigger. Because of the constant pumping, it is common for men to experience ruptured blood vessels along the shaft of their penis. So, if you pump, do it in moderation.
  • Penis Extenders.  Many men decide to try a penis extender. This may be the most difficult of the natural ways to get a bigger penis without surgery because of the pain and time needed to see results. Like braces on your teeth, a penis extender is a brace on your dick that lengthens over months through adding lengths to the rods. Of course, the biggest downfall of a penis extender is that the stretching of the penis to make it longer can actually make the penis thinner.

Of all of these natural ways to get a bigger penis, it might take some experimentation to find the right solution for you. By avoiding medical options like surgery and drugs to increase the size of your penis, you will also avoid the side effects like heart attack and stroke. Although most men are self-conscious about their penis size, the lifestyle choices listed above give you the most increase in length and girth size with the least amount of side effects.