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Be part of a revolution in male self-pleasure.

Do you remember when you were a kid and could create almost anything imaginable with just some plastic blocks, a building set, some basic tools, and your imagination? You were free to make your masterpiece come to life. You let your curiosity run wild without the need for rules or being told “the right way” of how to do it.

But then somehow, as we entered the “real world”, our sense of adventure and creative freedom were forced to take a back seat to rules, schedules, and a whole lot of “You can’t have that. You must choose one of these status quo options.”

We think that’s ridiculous! So we’re changing all of it – breaking down the barriers of possibilities in self-pleasure male sex toys.

You’re now free to unleash the power of your innermost desires. Take all that creative power into your hands and wield it any way you choose.

We call it The Dragon — and — you will love this 2-headed monster because of its unlimited, mind-blowing configurations that put you in total control of how your fantasies unfold. The Traz Dragon is designed for men who want variety. The days of being “forced” into using a single sleeve that’s the same time after time are gone forever.

The “Fantasy Silo” has orifices at both ends … choose from vagina, mouth and butt.  The magic happens once you’re inside. Five individual pleasure rings, each with a different texture and interior, are interchangeable. The easy open “Fantasy Silo” puts freedom in your hand – just rearrange the order of the five rings and boom; it’s a different fantasy every time.

 It’s as close as you can get to a very real encounter.

  • Each pleasure ring has a unique interior … from multi-ribbed to stacked orgasmic nubs, The Dragon’s pleasure rings are geared to give you a solo experience like no other.
  • In fact, by rearranging the rings you can enjoy over 400,000* different ways to reach release!
  • The Dragon’s orifices and pleasure rings are made of Hydra7® body safe silicone.
  • Our proprietary blend of medical grade silicone produces the most life-like feel imaginable.
  • Supple and strong at the same time, Hydra7® provides the give and strength needed to deliver a sensation you’ll swear is real.
  • Enter your way … The Dragon’s easy twist and lock orifices fit on both ends. Choose from vagina, mouth and butt.

The Dragon allows you to change it up – think unlimited fantasies!



With a revolutionary design. Housed in the “Fantasy Silo” are five individual pleasure rings. Each ring’s canal has a different textured design.Some gently tug at you as you move through … while others create a back suction with varied orgasmic nubs that hit that right spot.

Each pleasure ring’s interior canal has a unique design.

Pleasure in Pleasure (Blue) – It’s four pleasure rings inside a pleasure ring. Four convex orgasmic coils to move across.

Give and Go – (Orange)– Four independent floating extensions contour around your penis as you pass through the canal.

Ten and One – (Yellow) – 10 floating extensions form the top and bottom of a love canal with a center passageway to unbridled sensation.

Stacked Desire – (Green) -You’ll glide over three varied size softly ribbed openings as you move in and out that both pull and tug for a feeling like no other.

Full Throttle – (Red) – Just like a partner that opens wide and yet wraps soft lips around you as they move up and down on your shaft.

These five rings can be rearranged in seconds to create a whole new experience.  Pleasure rings have two different inner diameters.  Choose from either (or both) “Just Right” or “Super Tight” canals. Enter from either end of the Dragon.Easy twist and lock orifices can be placed at either ends of The Dragon. While most will want to include one or two enhancing orifices, you have the freedom to use it without any orifice.

Your choice.

And that’s what it’s about.There are more possibilities than you can imagine. In fact, if you choose the Dragon Ultimate Orgy version, you can simulate over 400,000 different individual experiences.Whew!


Freedom is in your hands.

Choose The Dragon that fits your fantasies.  You can enter either end of The Dragon … slide into a vagina on one end and then turn it over to move through the mouth into the mind-blowing pleasure rings.  Or, if you like to give it from behind, simply swap out one of the easy twist and lock orifices to the butt orifice.

Each configuration of The Dragon gives you the choice of just how much you want to insert.

  • Say you want to use your Dragon without an office … no problem.  Choose the Stroker model … it will take up to 5″.
  • Want more?  The Bang Me is your Dragon. Pound it out with 6.5″.
  • The two headed monsters will take 8″ from you.  Those include the Swinger, Three-Way and Infinite Orgy Dragons.

It’s all about you.  What you want, when you want it and how you want it.

You ready to enter The Dragon?



It’s your fantasy … Imagine a new partner every time!

You can with the Dragon.Here’s some quick tips.

  • Alternate between entering from the top and bottom of the “Fantasy Silo.” Because each ring creates a unique sensation through varying size openings and interiors, reversing ends provides a whole different feeling.
  • Change the order of the rings. You may get tired before exhausting the possibilities.
  • Enjoy two different orifices within moments by simply alternating entering from the top and bottom. Begin with a blowjob and instantly move to giving it through the vagina or ass.
  • Change the temperature of your rings by placing in warm or icy water. Wanna get a real kick? Trying placing both warm and cold rings in the same stack.
  • Have a VR hood? Match up your favorite VR video with the Dragon.Oh yes, yes.
  • No hood, no worries. Works great with your favorite porno.
  • Double your pleasure … have your partner stroke you with the Dragon. With an open end of the “Fantay Silo”, you can deliver your goods all over.
  • If you have a complete Dragon set – 3 orifices and 10 rings, there are over 400,000 different experiences! Wow!
  • Tell us about you favorite combinations … your fantasies. Email

* Traz Dragon Infinite Orgy model