How to Use a Penis Extender

If you have been researching ways to increase your penis size, then you have probably encountered every way imaginable including pills, surgery, and masturbation-like exercises. You might have even found a few ways you never dreamed of before like penis extensions and penis extender. In this blog, we will discuss how to use a penis extender to increase your penis size safely, and some of the potential side effects that accompany doing so.

First, however, we need to clear something up. Many times, people use the terms “penis extender” and “penis extension” interchangeably, but the difference is vast. While a penis extension slips on your dick to instantly increase in width and length, a penis extender is a long-term process to increase the length of your dick.

Because the penis extender method is not a slip-on choice like the more convenient Rhino Penis Extension, these five things should be your primary concerns when using a penis extender to safely increase your size:

  • Stretching.  Many men are surprised to find out that the process of using a penis extender involves a brace, much like you would use to straighten your teeth, to stretch the length of the penis. With a noose that fits right under the head of your penis and a cradle to hold your penis in place, the ring around the brace pulls the penis at either end using adjustable rods. In the same way a tire jack gets higher with each twist, the penis is pulled longer over a period of time.
  • Application. Not mechanical? You might need to know your way around an adjustable crescent wrench will help you understand the mechanics of using a penis extender safely. By adding small increments of longer extensions to the rods, the penis is stretched longer and longer.
  • Duration.  If you are trying to learn how to use a penis extender to safely increase your size in the next few days or weeks, you might consider other options. On average, penis extenders take three months before they start to show results (if they show results!) and up to nine months before the results become permanent. It is a slow process that gradually increases penis length in baby steps. To do it fast, can cause the blood vessels to rupture or tears in the skin.
  • Damage.  Some doctors are quick to point out that a penis extender adds additional weight to your dick. While it is not a huge amount, the penis extender appliance must be worn over a long period of time continuously to get results. After all, penis extender use, commonly called traction, is used to apply tension to the skin, blood vessels, and muscles, so there is a possibility of nerve damage if your circulation is compromised through medical issues or improper usage. Not to mention, there is still some doubt if these penis extending products actually work.

The most commonly experienced issue from men learning how to use a penis extender is loss of thickness. Like pulling salt water taffy, as the taffy gets longer it also gets thinner in the center. Many men do not stop to consider this before seeking to increase the length of their penis because, for men, length is the only measurement that count; however, if you ask women, then they will readily tell you that width is more important than length. Just remember, with a penis extender, slow and steady wins the race.

If you feel after reading this post that perhaps a penis extender is not for you, it would be beneficial for you to check out other lifestyle options such as the Rhino Penis Extension!