How to Please a Woman Sexually

Most men would easily confess that they are baffled about how to please a woman sexually. In truth, this is partly because most women fail to give clear instructions of what they find sexually exciting or pleasurable due to inability to express their thoughts without fear of hurting a man’s pride. The reality is that men are not born knowing instinctively how to please a woman any more than they are born knowing how to solve complex math problems. Indeed, solving complex math problems might be simpler without instruction than sexually satisfying a woman.

Hence, you can see the problem. Men don’t know the answer and women, who do know the answer, are not taught to share the information. It’s a miracle anyone has sex at all, but many women find sexual satisfaction with a vibrator before, during, or after sex instead of a partner. As stated in an article, Most Women Are NOT Satisfied With Their Sex Lives, in Healthy Women, “62 percent of women admitted to not being satisfied with their sex lives. 41 percent of women claim to always have an orgasm during sexual activities. But it turns out they themselves are mostly responsible for their sexual satisfaction and reaching climax, not their partners.”

If that stat hits a little below the belt of your manhood, then you are not alone. Although many men think that the size of their dick is the issue for their inability to pleasure their partner, an article in Men’s Health magazine, Science Reveals Average Penis Size, “anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys.”

What does that mean to you as a man and learning how to please a woman sexually?

Well, it means that this gap of 2.3 inches levels the playing field in dick size for the vast majority of men. The certainty that a larger dick automatically equals sexual satisfaction for your partner is only half of the story. As most men cut their sexual teeth watching porn and learned a majority of their sexual skills observing the banging of Becky blonde with big boobs as fake orgasms for the camera.

It is important to note that the major difference between you and the male lead is not the size of your dick. The difference is between your partner and Becky blonde because one is getting paid to get off (or pretend to) and the other is simply waiting for the right moves.

To break it down, there is one simple way on how to pleasure a woman sexually every time. It might be painful and the learning curve is steep, but asking a woman to play show and tell with you is a quick way to her pleasure zones. When you ask her what she wants and to show you how to pleasure her, then you open the door for her to share all of her sexual secrets with you. Not only is the conversation sexy, the fact that you cared enough to ask means she’ll be excited and might get the ball(s) rolling to enhance both of your sexual pleasure with satisfaction.