How to Make My Penis Bigger

Most men go through their whole lives asking themselves – at least once – how to make my penis bigger? Come on – admit it. Since your teenage days, you have probably compared the size of your dick to at least one porn star, one guy on a sports team, and one of your girlfriends past boyfriends.

Let’s start with an understanding of what the average penis size is. A Kings College London study of 15,000 men from all over the world, it was stated that the average erect penis length was 5.16 inches with an average girth of 4.59 inches.

If you are feeling pretty long and strong right now, then you won’t need the rest of this information; however, because you are here, we will assume that you still want to know how to make my penis bigger without pain.

So, let’s examine the top four ways you can do so without having to deal with any pain:

  • Cut the Lawn. Most men are unaware (either because they don’t look or don’t acknowledge) the reason why male porn stars seem so hung. Next time you have time on your hands – pun intended – while watching your favorite porn, notice the man-scaping habits. Removing the hair around the base of your penis creates the illusion of gaining half an inch of length.
  • Penis Pump. The penis pump has evolved since the early day of manually pumping. Many pumps draw blood into the penis with suction. While the sensation can initially be pleasurable and increase girth for a short time, chafing and busted blood vessels can be the result of overuse. So, like with masturbation, easy does it with the pumping.
  • Penis Extension. A quality penis extension is the best way to increase penis length and girth regularly without side effects. Made from body-safe silicone that warms to perform like human skin, the newest upgrade of penis extensions adheres with a vacuum seal instead of old-school belts and buckles. With internal pleasure rings instead of the extension to massage the penis, both partners experience increased sexual satisfaction.
  • Cock Sleeve. Similar to a penis extension, a cock sleeve can make your penis bigger. Constructed of cyber-skin that molds to curves, cock sleeves have additional stimulators like built inn vibrators to enhance pleasure. While most cock sleeves function without straps or belts for security, some men find the ball ring (yes, that is a ring that goes around your balls!) as an anchor to be uncomfortable due to friction caused by constant vigorous activity.

All of these methods are lifestyle enhancement for men asking themselves how to make my penis bigger without pain.

As stated in Men’s Health magazine in the article Science Reveals Average Penis Size, “anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys.” This means that the majority of men fall into this very big gap defined as average, but if you are on the low side of the range, then these are simple lifestyle enhancements to make your penis bigger without pain.