How to Get a Bigger Penis without Pills

Have you asked yourself how to get a bigger penis without pills?

Have you ever Googled ways to make your dick bigger?

If you answered yes either – or both – of these questions, then there are a few things you should know.

First, you are not alone. The question of how to get a bigger penis without pills is among the highest ranked Google searches involving men and penises. Thousands of men search Google every day for the solution to this problem.

You might be surprised to find out that most men believe that their penis is smaller than it should be, but the truth is that one of the first signs of sexuality in men is questioning the size of their manhood without knowing the average penis size. Looking around in the locker room and through porn movies, men believe their member is inadequate. In truth, according to a survey conducted at Kings College studying over 15,000 men from Asia, Europe, and America, the average penis length when erect was 5.16 inches with a circumference of 4.59 inches.

If you don’t quite measure up, the good news is that there are some simple ways to getting a bigger penis without dealing with the hassle of pills.

We need to eliminate the methods of increasing penis size in length and width without excessive cost, pain, or unhealthy side effects. Penis pumps, prescription pills, and penis implants have a mixture of adverse effects like stroke, blood pressure issues, and ruptured blood vessels. Although these health issues range from temporary to permanent, the cost of pills and pumps can build over time. Penis implants are the top of the scale for cost and risk. While penial implant recovery can take months to heal, the pain and risk of infection from surgery can take months to overcome and require recurring visits to the doctor.

Although there are many ways to get a bigger penis without pills, there are only two ways that only involve minimum cost and changes to lifestyle. Penis extensions and cock sleeves each have the benefit of increasing penis girth and length without pills. Penis extensions that are body-safe and made of silicone can be adjusted to fit your size. These extensions are held in place with a vacuum seal that creates pleasurable friction for the wearer.

On the other hand, cock sleeves are cyber-skin like sheaths that fit over your penis. Whereas penis extenders are sealed in place with a vacuum, a cock sleeve usually has a ball ring that secures around the balls to keep it in place. Some men find the ball ring uncomfortable as an anchor for bumping and grinding.

Though many men search how to get a bigger penis without pills, they hesitate the try the permanent methods offered through cock sleeves and penis extensions, but these options have additional benefits because you do not need a doctor’s visit, prescription, or follow up appointment to asses side effects.