How to Get a Bigger Penis Naturally

Men all over the world wonder how to get a bigger penis naturally. Naturally increasing your penis size means different things to different men. For some men, increasing penis size naturally means anything non-medical. For other men, using medical or technical ways to increase penis size is acceptable as long as these methods do not include surgery. The truth is there are many ways to get a bigger penis the natural way, but the first thing we have to understand is the concept of “bigger.”

Right now, according to a survey completed and released in 2015 Kings College of over 15,000 men from Asia, Europe, and North America, the average circumference is 4.59 inches and length is 5.16 inches for an erect penis. Increasing penis size might mean adding an inch or two to your current length to get you to average. Or, you might want to add several inches in girth to take your thrust up a notch.

Either way, whether you want to increase penis size in length or width, this is how to get a bigger penis naturally without penis implant surgery from the temporary to the permanent:

Prescription Pills: Perhaps the first stop for men trying to get or keep an erection, pills can cause slight enlargement of penis size in length and girth due to the influx of blood. While it might seem comical to laugh about a four-hour erection that sends you to the hospital, the side effects are much greater. Some of the side effects, including stroke and high blood pressure, could sideline your sex life for a long time.

Penis Pumps: Although penis pumps are a safer alternative than pills with less side effects, continual usage of penis pumps can cause chafing and ruptured blood vessels. Unlike pills, penis pumps are readily available without medical assistance or doctor’s visits. Penis pumps give a long term, yet temporary rise in length and girth lasting for sexual intercourse, but requires you to stop and pump for the benefit.

Cock Sleeves: Cock sleeves have a slightly uncomfortable anchor in the form of a ball ring. Wrapping around the balls to provide stability during energetic sexual activity, chafing or blisters on the balls from rubbing could sideline a passionate embrace.

Penis Extensions: Penis extensions do not have side effects that hamper performance or health. Made of body-safe silicone, quality penis extensions allow the user to customize the length to fit their penis and desired length. Without belts, buckles, or straps, a penis extension stays on through a vacuum seal to allow an intense sexual experience for both partners.

Seeking how to get a bigger penis naturally depends on your goals. If you are seeking a temporary penis enlargement, then pills and pumps might be a good choice. The only true way to naturally get a bigger penis is to use a cock sleeve or a penis extension because these methods allow you a quick fix for increasing width and length without unwanted side effects.