How Do You Make Your Penis Bigger?

When searching for an answer to how do you make your penis bigger, you might have found the option of a penis implant with several other choices. Most men would balk at the idea of penis surgery because the thought of have a scalpel around their manhood conjures up a flight instinct.

Want to make your penis bigger without a penis implant? Good call … penis implants can cost as much as $25,000 and cause weeks of painful recovery with the chance of an infection. If you are lucky, then your penis implant increases your width and girth. If not, then you have wasted time, money, and pain on a device you need to pump your way to an erection.

The better question might be: how do you make your penis bigger without a penis implant? A recent study by Kings College of over 15,000 men from American, Asia, and Europe, concluded that the average penis length when erect was 5.16 inches with an average circumference of 4.59 inches. Whether you fall under that width and length or maybe you just want more size, there are some non-medical options including:

  • Penis Pumps: Penis pumps have positive and negative sides. While most penis pumps use suction to draw blood into the penis to make it larger in girth and width, the effects only last for a short amount of time. Penis pumps accomplish the mission for the short term, but there are some side effects that could mean ruptured blood vessels or chafing from over pumping, these adverse effects are slight compared with penis implant surgery.
  • Cock Sleeves: Cock sleeves are exactly what they sound like. Made from cyber-skin like material, a cock sleeve secures with a ring around the balls. Some men find this uncomfortable during sex due to the friction of sexual activity and chafing of the ball ring.
  • Cock Extensions: Cock extensions can increase length and girth with a body safe silicone extension that slips onto the penis. Held in place with a vacuum seal, a cock extension molds to body curves as it warms with use. The right cock extension can be an outstanding alternative to penis implants because, when equipped with pleasure rings on the inside of the cock extension, it can multiply orgasm for both partners.

Men’s Health magazine recently released an articled that stated “anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys.” By using this range to measure the average penis size, men are able to get a realistic understanding of what a “big” penis means in relationship to other men.

These non-medical options give you a strong path to answering the question of how do you make your penis bigger without a knife, pills, or implants. After all, the goal is to enlarge the size of your penis width and girth without sidelining your sex life right?