How Do You Get a Bigger Penis

It’s a great question. How do you get a bigger penis? It has been a question that men have asked for hundreds of years. Of course, with the evolution of the internet, new and sometimes unsafe answers have emerged to the question. While Google will list thousands of answers that range from exercises to surgery, it is important to take in consideration three other questions:

  • What is the average penis size now?
  • How much bigger do you want to go?
  • What possibilities are out of bounds?

Let’s walk through the vital answers you need to make an informed decision about how do you get a bigger penis.

What is the average penis size now?

The most recent study of men’s penis size in 2015, completed by Kings College London, of over 15,000 men from Asia, Europe, and North America, revealed that the average erect penis length was 5.16 inches with an average circumference of 4.59 inches. Compared to a previous study in 2013, this study examined thousands of men from around the world. In the past, studies of average penis size only sampled about 1,500 men and found the average size to be 5.6 inches erect, so this study is revolutionary in both the sample size and the findings of almost a half-inch of difference.

How much bigger do you want to go?

By knowing how big your dick is currently, you might feel comfortable after finding out about the average penis size. Then again, you might have some girth and length to make up. If you do want to find out how you get a bigger penis, then you can examine lifestyle choices that do not require medication or surgery.

Some examples of lifestyle choices include cock sleeves, penis extensions, penis pumps, and penis extenders. While each of these choices has different rates of success, pain, and investment, they are not created or used the same. A cock sleeve and a penis extension are in the same class of slip-ons to gain length and girth immediately. A penis extender, like braces for your teeth, is applied to the penis to stretch it with each additional link and usually takes 6 month of wear to produce temporary results. A penis pump draws blood through suction to the penis to create temporary length and girth. Each of these lifestyle penis enhancers provides varying results with minimal side effects.

What possibilities are out of bounds?

For many men wondering how do you get a bigger penis, options like prescription drugs, painful stretching exercises, and penial implants are more than they are willing to risk. Prescription drugs are not a long-term solution and can cause severe side effects like heart attack and stroke. By the same token, exercises require men to stretch and pull their penis, like a taffy pull, to increase length. This method can cause damage to the blood vessels without increasing girth. Penis implant surgery can result in painful prolonged recovery from infection ( your dick!) and implant rejection.

These questions are some easy ways to determine the right way to answer how do you get a bigger penis and should give you a head start for success.