Get a Bigger Penis

If so, you are not alone.  Thousands of men search for ways to get a bigger penis every month. Why?  For most men, it has less to do with the actual size of their penis and more to do with self-confidence.  Men’s Health magazine, in the article Science Reveals Average Penis Size, revealed that “anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys.”  

While this may be true, a gap of 2.3 inches is quite large.  If you are on the high end of that range between the average 5.1 inches, as found in the 2015 study by Kings College London, to the 6.3 inches erect quoted in Science Reveals Average Penis Size, then this might be good news. However, if you on the low end of this range, 4 to 5.1 inches erect, then you are probably ready to test drive something longer and stronger.

These are three ways to get a bigger penis:

  • Medical – Medical options include prescription drugs and penial implants.  While both require a trip to the doctor for an embarrassing discussion about your man member, the risks and recovery times can be very different.  If you decide to go the route of pills, it is easy to pop a pill “when the moment is right,” but the risks outweigh the rewards because these pills are hard on the circulatory system with side effects that can include stroke or heart attack.  On the other hand, while a penis implant can mean a bigger dick, many men shy away from surgery on the manhood due to the pain, recovery time, risk of infection, or penial implant rejection.
  • Lifestyle – Lifestyle ways to get a bigger penis are cock sleeves and penis extensions.  Cock sleeves are cyber skin sleeves that slip on when you are ready to use them.  Anchored with a ball strap, some men experience discomfort and blisters from the rubbing of the strap during vigorous sexual activity.  Conversely, a quality penis extension is a body-safe silicone extension that you customize to meet your size.  Held in place with a vacuum seal and including internal pleasure rings, you can get a bigger dick without risks or side effects.
  • Physical – Some physical choices to get a bigger penis are penis pumps and penis extenders.  Penis pumps work by suctioning blood to the dick to increase girth and length.  There are minor side effects like chafing and busted blood vessels that can be avoided with proper use.  Penis extenders might be a little harder to take as these extenders work like braces to length your dick.  While most men must use the penis extender for at least six months to get results, the stretching can be painful and cause adverse results for penis girth.  In short, you might be longer, but you will probably be skinner.

When searching for ways to get a bigger penis, you should consider risks, benefits, and side effects because these things will contribute most to the major reason you want a bigger penis: your sex life.