Realistic Penis Extension

This is a guide for finding a realistic penis extension that will work for you. If you’d rather just skip the mumbo-jumbo and find the perfect fitting Rhino for your needs, you can follow this link! Otherwise, read on for advice on selecting the most realistic penis sleeve or penis extension for you.

The first thing that men do who feel that their penis is smaller than they would like it is to seek out ways to enlarge their penis. Perhaps you have even Googled ways to get a bigger penis. As a matter of fact, statistics show that you are not alone – thousands of men hit the internet with hopes of finding an answer about increasing their penis size.

Many men first start with a question about how big the average man’s penis is. It’s a good question and the answer, you may be surprised, has decreased by almost a half inch in the past few years. Previously thought to be 5.6 inches when erect, more modern studies, like the 2015 Kings College London study of over 15,000 men from across the world and from many different races, revealed that the average erect penis length was around 5.16 inches with an average circumference of 4.59 inches.  

For most men who have searched for the ways to enlarge their penis, they have come across some trendy – yet suspect – ways to make their penis longer like penis implants and penis extenders. Although these options might make the penis longer, often times, men find that their penis is stretched thinner from the process.

Some men avoid lifestyle choices like a penis extension to increase size because they have trouble finding one that’s realistic. After all, if your penis extension does not look, feel, and perform like the real thing, then it is not worth it right?


So, here are some things you should look for to find a realistic penis extension to suit your needs:

  • Size.  Like a pair of shoes, a good penis extension should be customizable to fit your current size. Eight inches might sound like a great upgrade, but if your new penis size makes your efforts uncomfortable or unwieldy, then it will not be realistic at all. The Rhino by Traz can easily be customizable with a pair of scissors. But if you’d like some additional help, here’s a great video to help you out!
  • Supple.  A good penis extension should be made of body safe silicone that behaves like skin as it warms. Becoming soft and pliable with friction, your new tool should bend and flex to fit into the body snuggly without discomfort of rigidity.
  • Staying.  Many penis enhancement products use belts, buckles, or straps to stay in place. Cock sleeves use balls straps to anchor the sleeve. To promote realism and increase sexual pleasure (which is the real goal!), a realistic penis extension should use a vacuum seal to stay put during even the most vigorous sexual adventures.
  • Shape.  The shape of the penis extension is the most overlooked quality.  Because, as you probably know, the penis is not a perfectly straight shaft. With a rounded head or a variance to one side, penis extensions should be comfortable to wear during rigorous physical activity. Leaving room for the fit that fits you is essential to producing a genuine result.

Finding the most realistic penis extension is more than a matter of how it looks when on your penis. It is a combination of finding the right mix of appeal to make you feel confident with your larger tool.