Does size matter to women

Of course, there are many cliches when directly confronted by men with the question of does size matter to women? It often soothes the male ego to use old chestnuts like “it’s not the size of the boat, but motion of the ocean that counts” and “it only matters how you use it.”

The reality is that most men are awkwardly aware of feeling inadequate, as it projects into their every day life from their first days in a locker room. From hand size to shoe size to type of car, a man is continually sized up by society with a polite giggle and nod of approval or disapproval. Most apparent by the rise of the topic of penis size in the Republican Presidential debate, social media and news services went wild comparing a candidate’s penis size to his political beliefs.

And yes…the size of a Presidential candidate’s penis was thrust into the limelight as each jockeyed to show who had the biggest dick. Would it even make a difference at the polls?

Probably not. But no penis was left unchecked because all men like to feel like a bigger dick means more manliness.

So Does Size Matter to Women?

Yes, size matters to women, but not in the way you might imagine.

The average penis size of an American man is roughly 5.6″ long when erect and 4.8″ in circumference, according to a recent study in the Journal for Sexual Medicine. Is that good or bad? Well, most men run off with a ruler to measure the length of their penis without taking these into consideration:

  • Average is Average. Most women do not know or care that 5.6 inches is average. While you may have the exact measurements in your head, a woman is not going to pull out her tape measure at dinner and demand you put your member on the table. Like trying to guess a woman’s bra size, being over or under the average length is not really what’s important. Length — by itself — is a poor measurement of penis productivity in the bedroom.
  • Getting Around to It. When you ask women if size matters to them, the answer is usually about girth. Notice in the statistic above that the average penis girth is 4.8 inches when erect. Most men never even consider their girth! This is where penis size makes a difference to women because they can stretch to enjoy thickness. Length is a painful problem…but girth is the problem you want! Most women readily admit to pleasure from the stretching of their lady part to accommodate a man who is thicker than longer. Learn more about how to increase penis girth here.
  • The Long and the Short of It. A quality penis extension like the Rhino Genesis, Sleek, or Stampede can address both of these issues for men. Especially for those who feel less than adequate in the membership department. By adding girth and length without sacrificing stimulation, modern penis extensions do not use belts or buckles. With innovative advancements like suction sealing and built in pleasure rings, men can increase length and girth to satisfy a partner. This takes their intimacy and relationship to a whole new level! Don’t believe us? You don’t need to take just our word for it…check out these testimonials!

Does size matter to women? As all things with women, the answer to whether penis size matters or not is complex. There is always a “yes, but…” or “no, if….” in the answer because most women report that penis size does matter over a glass of wine with some girlfriends. However, men need to consider that when women talk about size – it’s not just length – it’s girth.