Does Penis Size Matter?

The answer to the lifelong question – does penis size matter? – makes both men and women cringe with anxiety. Like the dreaded “does this dress make my ass look big?” question that freezes most men in their tracks, most women live in fear of the half joking / half real question from the man sitting across from them.

Well…just like the dress question – the answer is probably YES because penis size does matter. If that sounds like bad news, then think again. When men ask the question “does penis size matter” to the women in their lives, they are experiencing the problem that has caused many epic sexual problems in the past – miscommunication!

When men think about the size of their dick, they consider the length from stem to stern (to use a cliché). When women think about the size of a man’s dick, they are commonly referring to the thickness.


Well, you shouldn’t be because this is the way that society programs men and women to evaluate worth. From the peak of a mountain to the depths of the sea, most men like to feel like they can bang the top of a woman’s pussy right? Like sinking the ball with nothing but net…it’s a male pride thing.

Truthfully, like shoes that are too small, a woman cannot increase the depth of her pussy to take extra length, so here is the real secret to answering our question: Consider that, for some women, contact with the cervix from the tip of the penis while thrusting is incredibly painful.

Because a woman can stretch to accommodate larger girth, the thickness is a bigger benefit than length. Many women report receiving increased pleasure from stretching to fit a larger penis girth and many men love the tightness around their thick shaft. Oddly, most men never consider how thick their dick is when considering the average penis size, but, as any man knows who has ever tried to move a sofa through a door, thickness is a vital measurement for success. This is especially true with penis size.

If this miscommunication in the term size is confusing, then you are not alone.

Only recently have “sex experts” and sex products started to measure circumference as well as length. As early as 2013, the Journal of Sexual Medicine noted that the average penis size was “5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect.” Notice, this prominently quoted study does not mention anything about thickness. However, three short years late, the release of the Men’s Health magazine article reported the finding of a study by Kings College in London stating that the average size penis was around 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth.

So, to more thoroughly answer our question — does penis size matter? For many men, this change in .4 of an inch in the average penis size would have been the best news, but the real focus on thickness in these findings shows that girth is on the rise for men across the world. And that’s what should matter.