Do Women Like Penis Extensions

Of all of the concerns that most men have about penis extensions, one of the most frequently asked questions is do women like penis extensions?

This is a valid question because at first glance, a penis extension can look a bit clunky and awkward. Not to mention, both men and women can sometimes have a certain stigma associated with using sex toys like penis extensions. However, we’re here to destroy that stigma and tell you that women absolutely LOVE when their guys use penis extensions in bed!

 Here are a few reasons why women like penis extensions:

  • Length.  Because slip-on penis extensions immediately give you the extra length you are seeking, up to 8 inches, and you are able thrust deeper as well. With internal pleasure rings that massage the penis during sex, women feel the depth of the thrust, which produces more sexual fulfillment. Just to note, if you are used to a smaller tool, then you might want to practice to make sure that the extra length does not cause performance issues. And you should definitely have a conversation with your partner before just whipping one out!
  • Girth. Many women readily admit that thickness is more important than length in providing sexual satisfaction. For women, that ability to handle length cannot change. The depth of the vagina, like the length of the fingers, is set at adulthood. The good news is that women can stretch to accommodate thickness in a way that increases pleasure. Quality penis extensions have orgasmic rings on the outside to allow for expansion and contraction as the penis thrusts.  
  • Confidence.  There is a marked difference in the confidence of men wearing a penis extension because they instantly have the manhood they have always wanted for increased sexual pleasure. Confidence gives men the excitement to explore their sexuality and engage in varied sexual experience with their partner. The immediate increase in the girth and length of a penis extension gives many men the missing confidence to become more sexually active. And what woman wouldn’t want their man to have a little extra confidence in bed?
  • Feel.  When you buy a superior penis extension such as The Rhino, the body-safe silicone has the same texture and feel of real skin. As the silicone warms with body heat and friction, the penis extension becomes pliable and flexibly, but retain stiffness – just like a real dick. So you get all of the look and feel of a real penis at the length and girth you want.

So, do women like penis extensions? YES! Once they have a conversation with their partner and give The Rhino a try, women rave about using The Rhino penis extension by Traz. We have great reviews on YouTube and by other sex blogs all over the Internet

You can even check out testimonials on our own site from both men and women here if you want! It really is a great way for men to get that extra confidence boost and for women to feel that extra, intense pleasure they haven’t felt before.

If you are considering going to great lengths (pun intended) to increase your penis size using solutions that require extensive cost, pain, and procedures, then you might want to consider why you would delay the immediate results that you want. If it is because you are concerned that your partner won’t take to the idea, then consider making her apart of the decision. After all, women love to shop right?  Let her help you pick out your new dick extension and give The Rhino a try!