Do Penis Extensions Work?

Are you asking yourself – do penis extensions work for most men? The simple answer is YES.

Now, you can stop reading!

If you are still reading, then you probably have a deeper question like: how or why do penis extensions work?

Well, the answer to that question is equally as simple, but slightly more in-depth.  

For most men, their goal is to increase the size of their dick by using a penis extension. The first thing you should know is “the average erect penis length was 5.16 inches with an average circumference of 4.59 inches,” according to a recent 2015 Kings College London study of over 15,000 men from Asia, Europe, and North America.

So, break out your trusty ruler and get your hard-on on. If the last time you measured was in high school, then you will probably be pleasantly surprised because with a few years and a few sexual experiences under your belt (pun intended!), the stretching of multiple erections and increased blood flow will cause you to bigger in length and width than in your high school days.

Now, this is more than just a feel good exercise. You should know your length and width because quality penis extensions are customizable. While it probably sounds like a great idea to go from a go-cart to a Porsche, you might be unwieldy and hurt your performance. Sound good? Consider this… If your current size is 4 inches and you buy a penis extension that you either don’t or can’t customize, then you might double your size instantly which would probably throw off your well-honed game.

The process of customizing your penis extension is very easy. Insert penis and measure (here is where that measurement comes into play) and cut off the extra length of the extension until you find a comfortable enlargement. You can cut off a little at a time until you have the perfect size that compliments your current size and add the amount you want without discomfort.

Here are a few more things that you should look for when considering a penis extension:

  • Make-Up.  Another answer to why do penis extensions work is the features you should look for in a good penis extension. Penis extensions should be made from body-safe silicone that resists breakdown from vigorous sexual activity and actually become more flexible with body heat or friction.  
  • Composition.  With pleasure rings on the inside to massage the penis while thrusting as well as orgasmic rings to give your partner additional sensation of stretching and contraction, the penis extension can heighten the sexual experience for both partners.  
  • Staying Power.  A quality penis extension adheres to the penis with a vacuum that stays in place. Other penis extenders have belts, buckles, and straps to anchor the extension in place.  This type of anchoring system can cause rubbing and chafing with blisters after sexual activity.

So, after reading all that, you should have a clear understanding as to how penis extensions work and why people like them so much. However, you may be asking yourself,  “Which penis extension is right for me?”.

Well, we’ve already done the math for you. Just below here, you’ll see a chart comparing some of the best penis extensions available on the market right now. As you’ll be able to tell from said chart, there really is one penis extension that “stands out” among the rest.

Penis Extension/Cock Sleeve Comparison Chart

As you can clearly see, the Rhino Penis Extension is the premium penis extension on the market. And, as an added bonus, it even comes in three different types: the Genesis, Sleek, and Stampede. You can find more information here on the right Rhino for your needs.

All that being said, the answer to your original question, “how do penis extensions work” is VERY WELL. But you have to understand the components of penis enlargers and make an informed choice that fits your needs. We know you’ll make the right decision! 😉