Do Penis Extenders Work?

In the manhood department, many terms are interchanged even though they don’t quite fit together. So before asking “Do penis extenders work?”, perhaps we should start by explaining what a penis extender actually is and what it does (and doesn’t) do for your penis size.

Because the terms cock sleeve, penis extension, and penis extender are used in place of each other so often, you might be thinking of a cyber-skin enhancer with pleasure nubs or vibrators with a ball strap for security. In fact, that would be a cock sleeve.

Or, you might be picturing a warm, flexible silicone sleeve that wraps around your cock with internal pleasure ribs. No, wrong again as that is a penis extension.

Feeling a little confused now? Well, a penis extender is more like a penis pump without the pump. Somewhere in your teenaged years, you might have had braces or known someone who wore braces on their teeth. In fact, a penis extender is almost the same thing. With that image in your mind, overlay the braces onto your dick. With a ring that rests against the base of your penis, a penis extender has a noose (seriously – that is what it is called) that straps right under the head of your dick. The penis extender usually comes with rods that can be extended to stretch the penis in length like a taffy pulling machine.

At their best, penis extenders can increase the length of your penis — if only for a short amount of time. When used correctly and very carefully for many hours, penis extenders can in fact increase the length of your penis. Most of these top of the line penis extenders will run you upwards of $200 and many do not come with any type of guarantee.

The cons, however, can be the hardest part when deciding to use a penis extender. It’s pretty easy to ignore the possible negative side effects when you see all those pictures of growth and enhancement. However, there are a few things they won’t tell you:

  • Just Remember. Because skin and muscles both have memory, the body tries to return to the original shape once the braces come off. So, the jury is still out over whether even the best penis extender can make a lasting change.
  • Thin is Not In. There are some more complex side effects. Just like a piece of gum, when you stretch the length the center becomes thinner. While most women will easily admit that girth is an important factor to sexual satisfaction, the stretch of the penis extender can often decrease thickness.
  • Pain without Gain. There is another important thing to note about using a penis extender. You have to wear the penis extender, like braces, for at least six months and continuously before you start to see results. Adding extensions to the rod that stretches you dick and it is going to be painful.

So, do penis extenders work? The answer is a resounding…maybe. Can they increase the length of your penis, at least temporarily? Yes. But there are many issues that can come with stretching the penis when using such an uncomfortable contraption like a penis extender. From chafing with blisters to urinary complications to cutting off the circulation of blood to your dick, a penis extender can be a short term solution that turns into a long term problem.

There are many other lifestyle choices, like a penis extension or cock sleeve, that would provide a more permanent solution with much less pain, time, and investment, and can enhance you and your partners’ sex life just as much — if not more — than a temporarily longer penis would.

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