Average Penis Size

From the first stroke of teenage hormones, most males are awkwardly aware of the average penis size. With sidelong glances in the locker room shows to measuring meetings with a ruler in hand, most boys plotted each inch as their manhood grew into manhood. Often exaggerated, the typical penis size is usually slightly smaller than porn movies would lead men (and women) to believe.

In fact, the average penis size might be…well, shrinking in reality or in marketing!

In 2013, a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine stated that the average size of a penis was “5.6 inches (14.2 centimeters) long when erect. The smallest was about 1.6 inches, while the largest was 10.2 inches.” Less than three years later, a Men’s Health magazine article quoted a new report by the Kings College in London who reviewed 17 studies of 15,000 men sizing up their packages. In the most recent reviews, the average size penis was around 5.2 inches in length and 4.6 inches in girth.

It seems that the good news is that the average man has lost .4 of an inch in length over the past three years.

Good news? Well sorta…

With shorter expectations on the average man, the boost in confidence helps men stand tall and erect.

However, the answer to the .4 inch difference in average size penis might well be a matter of a new approach. In the past, penis size was measured from with a smaller sample group. When using a smaller survey size, about 1,500 men, the variation in size is likely to be less. When comparing the results of over 15,000 men, the patterns and differences are more evident in the results.

Perhaps…the news is not all good. In the comparison of 17 studies conducted under different circumstances with different variables and different control groups of men from varied genetic backgrounds can/should cause a reliable change in the established norm. In fact, it might not have been a case of apples to apples comparison at all. In the past five years, less time than the timeframe from the first to the 17th study, many products, pills, and procedures have changed the length and girth of the average man’s penis.

More to the point, men are able to cause temporary and long­term effects on the length and thickness of their penis than they were in the past. Just as sexual enhancements like prescriptions, penis pumps, and penis extensions have changed dramatically, these things could cause a change with regular use. As is often used in society to measure a man’s virility, penis sizes are like cars. In the 1970, large Lincoln’s and Caddy’s were all the rage. Less than 20 years late, compact cars were the new mark the cool car.

Indeed, it is probable that the average penis size does not really exist or have any more importance than the average height or weight. Just as height or weight is only significant to those who are outside of the average in a positive or negative way (too tall or too short), average size of penis is likely only significant as a confidence booster.