Average Penis Length

Many men started off their sexual career as teenagers wondering what the average penis length is. If you have wondered or asked yourself this question, then you are not alone. As a matter of fact, what the average length of a penis is is such a common question that it ranks among the top penis-related questions Googled every year, so you are in good company.

There are a few things that must be examined to come to a real answer. When seeking a number for the average length of a penis, you have to ask yourself to define average. For some men, average is a holistic number that takes into account all races of men from across the planet. If this is the answer you are seeking, then get ready. In a 2015 study at Kings College London, over 15,000 men from Europe, Asia, and North America, exposed the average erect penis length is 5.16 inches.

The important word in that statement is ERECT not length. The same study indicated that average penis length when flaccid, from base to tip opening, is 3.6 inches. This means that most men gain over 1.56 inches when blood is pumped to the head of their dick.

This might be cause for celebration because as recently as 2013, a study in the Journal for Sexual Medicine noted that the average length was 5.6 inches. As this study only focused on 1000 men, you might easily chuck it in favor of the Kings College survey because, in this case, smaller is better if you are down in the measurement of your manhood.

Anytime you consider what the average length of a penis is, the answers are complicated because for as long as men have been asking that question, medical science has been trying to provide the answer with very mixed results. Some studies measure men while erect and others while flaccid. Some studies have been conducted on one race of men as well as a selection of men worldwide. Sometimes, study participants have been measured while awake and aroused while others have been measured why under anesthesia without any sexual motivation.

As you can see, the question has been measured using a variety of rulers and rules!

The best news – and perhaps the most practical answer to what is the average length of a penis is represented in an article in Men’s Health magazine called Science Reveals Average Penis Size, which readily points out that “anything between around 4 inches and 6.3 inches when erect would cover 90 percent of guys.”

With a whopping gap of 2.3 inches in average penis length to serve as wiener wiggle room, most men would get a big boost of confidence from landing square in the middle of this range. When seeking the answer to what is the average penis size, it is important to define what measurements and criteria you are actually looking for in order to get the answer the right fit to your dick. More importantly, it is vital that your answer is not a comparison to the men around you because, in the end, it is your dick no matter what the size and you can easily increase the size with a penis extension.