The Best Male Enhancement Solution Available

VanillaStampedeHeroThe Rhino solves an age-old problem for both men and women. Men want to satisfy their partner and women need a combination of things to hit in just the right spots to reach sexual satisfaction.

The Rhino is good for everyone.

Let’s start with her. Developed by a team that included women who know what they want, The Rhino’s special “G Spot” design ensures that she gets what she wants and needs, each and every time … whether her man is using the Rhino for penis enlargement, or she’s slipped it over her vibrator or is using it as a dildo, the “G-Spot” detail is far better than any of those plain old huge dildos in the drawer next to the bed.

For her, it’s three sexual solutions in one. This isn’t just a toy … it brings the power of unbridled satisfaction.

And now, for him. Have you ever met a man who doesn’t wish that he had a larger penis? The Rhino is THE best male enhancement solution available today. And it can be used solo as a masturbator enhancer. This is NOT some hard plastic “nub” that does little for her and nothing for him.

The Rhino’s patented No Slip Grip Tip together with the Inner Pleasure Rings create a vacuum-powered Exaggerated Stroke. Motion Transfer Technology is the result. And the Rhino is the only male enlargement solution anywhere that has this technology.

“I eased in to her and she wrapped her legs around me and pulled me in all the way. She came really quick. She really enjoyed the extender.”

What does this mean?

He feels every stroke, as he moves in and out of his partner. Every action has a reaction. And with The Rhino, you won’t miss anything.

Oh, and if she’s not around, you can slide on The Rhino for a little one-on-one time and feel every bit of pleasure from the Exaggerated Stroke.

What Gives The Rhino Its Power To Please?

We took a scientific approach to designing a sexual solution and not just another toy. Let’s face it, there are thousands of toys, but there is only one Rhino.

“The hole in the end and plug makes it easy to create a good suction that keeps it in place and the ribs inside feel great.”

Made with a safe and tested silicone, The Rhino lets you Unleash the Beast. And both partners feel everything along the way to the moment of orgasm.

The Rhino, unlike any other penis extension, allows you to feel your partner’s sexual reactions to your stimulation. The increased sensations during intercourse created by The Rhino takes you and your lover’s orgasms to the next level. The Inner Sleeve is lined with pleasure rings that fold and compress with each stroke.

The Inner Pleasure Rings provide more than just penis enhancement, it ensures your Rhino stays in place during even the most rigorous sexual encounter. Each ring is spaced out with your erogenous zones in mind.

As you move your now larger penis in and out during intercourse these rings stroke the shaft, a very important feature in the Motion Transfer Technology system. Penis enlargement is just part of it. As the body heat of your lover passes through The Rhino, your body heat is transferred back to her. The Rhino’s unique material forms and contours to each of her pelvic contractions, transferring to the Inner Pleasure Rings allowing you to experience all the reactions of vaginal stimulation. The Inner Pleasure Rings glide blissfully across the erogenous zones of your penis. This is a key factor that no other penis extender has anywhere in the World.

“The thing stayed on great even when really rocking the bed frame.”

The Exaggerated Stroke creates suction which in turn stimulates and arouses your penis. This method of motion creates a more powerful male orgasm. As the Inner Pleasure Rings fold and compress, the Rhino moves up and down your penis shaft. This is what makes the intense sensations of Exaggerated Stroke possible.

This is the ultimate sexual experience for both you and your lover. This makes the Rhino the only penis extension that serves both partners’ sexual needs. Increase your lover’s sexual experience and yours at the same time!

Not only do you get a bigger penis without gimmicky penis pills, risky penis surgery or “ruin the moment” penis pumps, you get the ultimate male enhancement solution that will give both of you hours and hours of great sexual activities.