4 Sexual Solutions in 1

The Rhino delivers 4, yes, count’em, 4 sexual solutions in 1. And we’re not just talking about penis extensions, we’re talking about putting a smile on your face AND on your wallet.

How many times have you paid for something and said, “that’s it? … that’s all this thing does?” Well, those days are over. The Rhino delivers.

womaninshadowsHere’s 4 ways to Unleash the Beast:

Penis Extension

The Rhino is the ultimate penis extension. The Rhino is the ONLY male enhancement solution that uses patented Motion Transfer Technology; ensuring that both partners feel every moment of their sexual encounter. The Rhino simply slides over the penis. Inside there are strategically placed Seduction Grooves that create an Exaggerated Stroke ensuring you’ll feel enhanced sensations. And with the No Slip Grip Tip inserted in the top, a vacuum seal is created, keeping The Rhino in place during even the most rigorous love making.  And, the special sizing core allows you to create a custom fit, giving The Rhino that erect, life-like feeling.

Create the Ultimate Vibrator

Ladies, now you can get a bigger penis with a vibrator inside. Slide your favorite vibrating pal into The Rhino and get ready to feel every inch of this magnificent beast. You’ll be absolutely amazed at how much more you’ll experience with the special convex “g-spot” design. This feature was developed by the women on our design team, and everyone has fallen in love with this special feature. Guys, you’re gonna love it, too. Watch the action as she gets off all over The Rhino.


The strategically placed Inner Seduction Grooves make The Rhino the perfect friend for when you want some action on your own. Or, maybe she wants to give you a hand. Whatever the case, The Rhino’s Motion Transfer Technology works great when you use it to masturbate and release all that energy. Here’s a tip – as you move The Rhino up and down, you can control the inner suction of your new long penis by placing your thumb over the opening at the end. Remove your thumb, or take it on and off the opening to create a sensational vacuum experience. “Flashlight, hell … see the light with The Rhino and still have two more uses.”

Best Dildo Ever

That’s what we’ve been told by fans of huge dildos! The Stampede answers the call for those who like it huge … The Genesis and The Sleek deliver for those who prefer a bit less girth, but love the length. Because The Rhino was designed with both partners in mind, you’ll find that in addition to its length and girth, the convex “g-spot” design makes for a perfect combination when you want to control the show. You can leave the sizing core in or take it out … some like it a bit harder, some a little less. Your choice. But, however you use it, The Rhino will definitely give you a rumble in the jungle.

You work hard for you money. The Rhino delivers exceptional value and is the only penis extension on the market that was developed by a team of men and women who wanted more from their sex lives. They wanted a solution that answered a lot of challenges.

They sure delivered.

Order Now and Unleash the Beast for yourself.